God Who Listens

God who listens, come. Listen to the voices of people all over this world that are crying out to You. Listen to the wailing of mothers and fathers, to the wailing of children who have lost parents in senseless war and violence. Listen to African Americans and Jews and Muslims and immigrants who must bear the hatred of white supremacists and endure a government which supports them. Listen to the frustration of people who know what You demand and feel helpless to make it happen. Listen to the parents who are sitting at the bedside of sick children, to the husbands and wives who have recently lost their spouses. Listen to the voices of those who have no jobs, and to those who have jobs but who do not make enough money to make ends meet. Listen to those who today will have to decide whether to buy food for their families or medicine for their own bodies. Listen, God, and hear the voices of Your children. Listen to politicians who are more afraid of people than You, who will spout off senseless and unjust loyalty rather than risk what we all risk when we say we love You. Listen to people who have given up – given up on life, on possibilities, and on trying to make their lives better. Listen to drug addicts and alcoholics who want to be clean and sober but who have to date failed. Listen to those with mental illnesses who are afraid to tell anyone what they are feeling and who do not know what to do. God who listens, come. Your people, Your children, are crying for you this day.