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Our Mercy Work

Within our outreach, we currently have a large focus on the homeless community. Our homeless outreach events are as follows:

  • Socks 
    • Every year we collect a certain amount of white socks that we distribute to the homeless throughout the year. . In 2021, our goal is 2500 pairs of socks. We take donations from anyone who is willing to give. We ask that the socks be BRAND NEW and that they be WHITE, as the dye from the colored socks can transfer into the feet of the homeless, some of whom have Diabetes and other health issues, and cause them further distress. All types (e.g. long socks, low cut) are welcome and we take men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes.
  • Feminine Hygiene
    • We also collect feminine hygiene products that we distribute to various shelters and during our events throughout the year. Donations are appreciated!
  • Faith Mission
    • Every 2nd Saturday of the month from 10 – 11 am we visit Faith Mission Homeless Shelter (245 N Grant Ave). We usually set up on the men’s side of the shelter, and serve coffee (purchased from Roosevelt Coffee on Long and 6th St) and other breakfast items such as donuts, breakfast bars, orange juice, and croissants. We also pass out socks at this event.
  • The Commons on Livingston (During COVID-19, THIS HAS BEEN PAUSED. We will let you know when we resume in-person visitations.)
    • The Commons is a homeless shelter for veterans. Every 4th Sunday of the month, we take our traditional worship service to their facility. This is a laid back event, usually with acapella music, and we encourage the veterans to be involved in the worship as much as they are willing. We also serve a meal on these Sundays coordinated by one of our members.
  • Summer Homeless Outreach Events
    • Goodale Park – For the past two years, we’ve partnered with Fishing for Humanity to host a fish fry and giveaway for the homeless community. The event is completely free and all are welcome. It includes, music, raffles and entertainment. In addition to serving fried fish, we give away items collected throughout the year. Volunteers for this event are always welcomed!
    • Church for All People – This past year we did a similar event across the street from the Church for All People dedicated to serving the homeless community in the area. Volunteers for this event are always welcomed!
  • Mother’s Day – we hand out roses to mothers simply to brighten the day of an unsuspecting mother. Mother’s Day is not always a joyous occasion and passing out roses is a symbol that all women are loved and supported. We’ve gone to the Ronald McDonald House as well as walked around the campus area to do so.
  • Thanksgiving
    • For the past two years, we’ve coordinated an outreach event on Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving day in which we gather together to make brown bag turkey sandwich lunches (made with real turkey cooked by people willing to help). These lunches also include traditional Thanksgiving sides such as sweet potatoes. On Thanksgiving Day, we walk around the streets in areas where homeless people are often out and give out the lunches. Volunteers for this event are always welcomed!
    • In addition, we also visit homeless tent communities, and partner with organizations working with drug addicted women, to distribute needed items to these communities who are often forgotten.
  • Christmas Toy Giveaway
    • For the past two years, we have organized a toy giveaway at Van Buren Family shelter at which we collect and distribute toys for children from infants through age 18. We collect toys for over 200 children. Donations and volunteers are always welcomed!

We also have a ministry dedicated to children of incarcerated parents called the Angel Tree Ministry. Around the holiday season, we begin collecting presents to be given to these children, with cards from their incarcerated parents whom they probably won’t get to spend the holidays with. We host a party for those families willing to come to Summit in which we have activities, food, and presents for all. Donations are volunteers are always welcomed!

Justice Work

  • Voter Education
    • Rev. Sue hosts workshops known as “teach in’s” during which she educates people about issues on the ballot so that each of us may make an informed decision around election time.
  • Voter Registration
    • We canvass both in neighborhoods and even in atypical locations such as Walmart parking lots. We believe that your vote is your voice, and we encourage anyone who is willing to check their registration, and if they are not registered, to register with us on the spot.
  • Freedom Choir
    • Rev. Sue leads a Freedom Choir, which rehearses on Wednesdays from 7-8 pm at Summit United Methodist Church. ALL are welcome! The freedom choir sings freedom songs at marches and events throughout the community, spreading the message of social justice through music.

Visit our Volunteer page, fill out the contact form to tell us how you’d like to join us as a volunteer.