God of Those Who Suffer with AIDS

God of those who suffer with AIDS, come. Some of Your children are suffering from HIV/AIDS and have no health care. Or, they live in areas of the country and world where their medications have been destroyed in storms and also their means of transportation, so they cannot go to where the medications are. Some of Your children can get to a place to purchase their medications, but because of poverty, do not have transportation to get to their jobs, so they can get the money to get their medication. Children are being orphaned, with scarcely a word, because HIV/AIDS, like mental illness, is still something we do not talk about. In addition to being physically sick, we are emotionally and spiritually sick. How must it be for a person with HIV/AIDS to not feel comfortable talking with his/her pastor about their struggle? People who may have symptoms may not say anything because they are afraid of the diagnosis. People who have symptoms, and some people who have the disease and know it, are still in denial and are having unprotected sex. Heterosexual women of color, many of whom are poor, are disproportionately affected and do not say anything. Some children have the disease and do not know it. God, help us to minister to those, to open our hearts and doors and churches and mosques and spirits to those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. Help us to BE who you have created us to be; help us to tap into our compassion and care and concern for each other. God of those who suffer with AIDS, please, please come.