Mission: To teach the concept of crazy faith to do the work of social justice

Vision: Our vision is to equip people to fight against injustice through the use of crazy faith​

​Crazy Faith is an organization dedicated to moving the obstacles faced by people one step at a time, believing that the smallest bit of faith is what has always brought about great changes and accomplishments.

Recalling that in the 60s, participants in the Civil Rights Movement were able to topple segregation without a shot being fired, Crazy Faith believes that some of the most serious social issues can be changed with a faith that will not crumble. Crazy Faith is committed to working with and for the downtrodden; it uses the arts and social advocacy to bring about change.

Its Crazy Faith Angel Choir was formed expressly as a ministry to children of incarcerated parents, because we believe that the emotional trauma these children experience can be offset by their involvement in the arts. The choir is a vehicle for them to express themselves through music and also to learn coping skills that can help them form goals and dreams and not be constrained by the situation of their parents.

The Crazy Faith Freedom Choir was formed to sing for social justice events. 

​We believe we can help break the cycle of incarceration by giving the children of the incarcerated hope that they might not otherwise have.The Crazy Faith Freedom Choir performs music to encourage those working in and for social justice and is available to perform upon request. 

CF was named after the book, Crazy Faith: Ordinary People; Extraordinary Lives by Susan K Smith. 

For more information, or to have a workshop on crazy faith for your organization, please contact CF at 614-245-5411.

Our Services are held at  5pm Sundays at Summit UMC.

82 E 16th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201