Help us to Love Consciously

Spirit of the living God, help us today to see and consciously feel the love that is in our lives. We take it for granted but when those who love us are gone, the depth of our pain has no bottom. Help us to appreciate – consciously- those who know us and put up with us anyway. Help us to take the time to breathe in the same rhythm as do they, so that our souls can merge, if only for a few seconds. Help us to notice and appreciate – consciously – the things that make them laugh or the reasons they smile. Help us to see – consciously – their eyes and what their eyes tell us without them ever saying a word. Help us to love ourselves – consciously – so that we are free to love those who love us. Help us to appreciate – consciously – the little things they do that nobody else does. Help us to literally absorb their love and then give love back that they can absorb as well. Help us today to not be or get so irritated by little things that they do that we forget how important they are in our lives. Help us to breathe – consciously – a prayer of thanks to You for giving them to us. On this day, help us to see and consciously feel the love that is in our lives.

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