When We Are In Our Valleys

Spirit of the living God, thank You for walking with us when we are in our valleys. There is something insanely comforting in knowing that if we look for You and lean on You, we will find a calm that the world cannot give and which the world cannot take away. Sometimes, things just go crazy – in an instant, a second, we can find ourselves in a space which we did not bargain on. Sometimes when we are in those spaces, we break down, but we thank You that if we can call on Your name between gasps of pain and tears, You begin to do what You do. We are grateful that trouble passes; it is acute for a while but then it loses its sharpness and the cloud that it causes to fall in front of us begins to rise. God on this day, if anyone is in a valley, visit them and just let Your presence be felt. Visit them and remind them that life’s valleys will always come but that if we honor You by never letting go of You, You will honor us. Remind us that “church” isn’t a building but is, rather, a state of mind and of being. Help us to be “in church” even as we cope with the darkness of our valleys. Lord in your mercy, hear this prayer.

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