Deliver Us From Evil in High Places

Spirit of the living God, deliver us from evil in high places. We, Your children, are manipulated and used by politicians to get elected, but once elected, there are so few who really care about the masses. There is little compassion, little concern for mercy or fairness or justice on the part of so many, and yet the need for all of those is great. Even though you are a God who supplies all of our needs, there are too many people suffering from lack, because of policies and practices which are unfair and tilted to help those who know how to work the system and who have the money to do it! God, open our eyes to see the evil and then give us the spiritual tenacity to keep on fighting it, as so many have done before us. It would be a true gift if greed and the blind quest for power would wipe out evil, but that has never been the case, and so deliver us and inspire us to make Your kingdom be “on earth as it is in heaven,” helping us to understand that to work for “the least of these” is just a part of carrying our crosses. Lord, in Your mercy, hear us, and deliver us from evil in high places. Amen.

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