God Who Fills the Holes of Grief

Spirit of the living God, come today to those who are dealing with the hole in their lives that they are facing because of the loss of a loved one. In times of grief, the silence is more silent than ever before, and loudly reminds those left behind that their loved one is gone. In the time of grief, we close our eyes so as to shut out the pain, but the pain sits with us, reminding us that it will leave only when it is ready. We call on You, God, but sometimes the call is feeble because we believed or maybe we just wanted You to keep our loved one alive. We ache to see their eyes open, hear their laughter or just the tenor of their voices. The hole is with us and holds captive as its emptiness sucks our very breath away from us. You are there, but lifting our eyes to You is not moving us away from that hole. We sometimes do not want to talk to You; we do not want to seek Your face, but at the end of the day, Your presence is the only thing that gets us through. You sometimes fill that awful hole, if only to give us a few moments of respite and relief, but truthfully, we too often do not know it or cannot/will not acknowledge that You are being You in the only way that can soothe our pain. Come today, God, because someone has just lost a loved one, someone else is facing the loss of a loved one with deep dread, and someone else has been on grief’s journey for a while. In the movement of this day, please come.

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