God of the Morning

Spirit of the living God, when I look at what You have created – the sun, the moon, birds that sing, plants which close when they are touched, rivers which never stop moving, the air that we breathe, bodies so magnificently made that we have tongues that distinguish one taste from another, hearts that beat for years, spirits which can connect to Yours …I marvel. Here in the silence of the morning, I can hear Your presence. I feel it …but I also hear it. You say to us through the cawing of birds – which does not disturb the silence, amazingly – the gentle movement of the morning breeze, the overcast sky, the smell of the foliage and flowers..that You are here. This morning we/I honor You and what You do. The earth is Yours and the fullness thereof; nothing we say or do cedes this land and its beauty to us. We take and squander and too often destroy what You have made. God, help us to commit to experiencing You in the silence of the morning. Help us to love You so much that we come to You in the morning silence to hear You as we so often do not. Help us to breathe in Your spirit of love and power and joy and mercy, and exhale anything in us which would keep us from You. Lord, in Your mercy, hear us this morning.

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