Give Us The Strength to Fight Evil and Injustice

Today, God, we call on You in a special way because we must keep our strength in order to fight against the powers and principalities which are working to undo all the gains we have made over the past 50 years. There is a cloud in our federal government which is raining drops of discord over us all. There are some who are not alarmed and in fact do not feel these drops, but there are many more, God, who do feel them and are now wet and heavy because of that wetness. There seems to be no end to the flood resulting from the storms caused by injustice, and Your children are tired, some are discouraged, and some, confused. God, in Your infinite mercy, hear the cries of those who fight for justice for all of Your children. Inject them with a double dose of Holy Spirit so that they can move forward in spite of being weighed down by discouragement. Help those who would be silent to speak up; help those who would stop fighting to be re-energized. Help those with ideas to come forward; help those who have not believed in the power of their presence and their vote to believe. Help us all to take the oars and move the vessel of hope forward, even as the winds of injustice push against us. It is not clear why injustice against so many is so prevalent, why people who say they believe in You work so hard to undermine so many who do not look like them or think like them or worship like them, but whatever the reason, You call us, You depend on us, to push forward. And so, God, we call on You in a special way to help us not only keep our strength but get more. Help us to show the truth that You, who resides in us, are greater than all of the evil in this world.

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