Fall Fresh on Those Who Are Trying to Change

Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on those who are desperately trying to change their lives but who are having real difficulty. Fall fresh on those who are fighting against their worst enemy – themselves. Fall fresh on Your children who realize that they must change but do not know how to do it. A sprinkling of Your holy spirit is a blessing because it penetrates our stubbornness. It releases us from holding onto something or someone or some memory which is not good for us or to us. Your holy spirit helps loosen the crust from our eyes that keep us from seeing what we must see within ourselves in order to get as close to you as we must. When we internalize Your holy spirit, we can no longer live in denial; You force us to see what You have always seen. But seeing what is within us is only the first step toward changing, dropping those things which have hampered us and kept us back. When we are in a season of change, we are losing spiritual infections which require a regular dosing of Your holy spirit. The spiritual germs which have infected us are stubborn and are resistant to being challenged. God come and help us open ourselves to You. Help us not to fret if we do not see an immediate change but keep us steadfast in our determination to be all that You created us to be. Help us to seek the sprinkling of Your holy spirit all day long. Create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us so that Your holy spirit can do what only it can do. Help us to expose to You our emotional baggage which has poisoned our very beings, baggage which includes anger, bitterness, the desire for revenge, jealousy, envy…Lord, You know. And so we ask that You allow Your holy spirit to fall fresh today on those who are desperately trying to change and even more on those who do not yet realize that they must.

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