A Prayer for Those Who Live in Fear

Spirit of the living God, come today to those who are afraid. Some of us are afraid of success; others, afraid of failure. Some are afraid to live, others, afraid to die. Some are afraid to hope, others, afraid to stop hoping. Fear kills us. Fear is the antithesis of faith and it is the antithesis fear is the opposite of hatred. Because of fear we sabotage our lives and our relationships. We attack others, we attack institutions and we attack those who are different races, religions, and ethnicities. We fear people who have different ideas. Fear makes us tense up, it makes us believe things that are not true and it makes us live in a constant state of defense. Fear of bullies makes us align ourselves with bullies who do not love us but who know how to control and manipulate us. Fear of rejection keeps us from reaching out; fear of being yelled at keeps us from sharing our innermost thoughts. Fear of being fired keeps us from reporting things on our jobs that are wrong; fear of not being included in “the group” keeps us, as members of that group, from challenging it when it oppresses others. Fear is not our friend, God, and yet so many of us live in it. Many of us give fear more time on a daily basis than we give You. Fear follows us, taunts us, tortures us, even laughs at us as we try to step away from it into a place of faith. We cannot live in faith if we are living in fear, and so, God, please come. Let Your spirit fall fresh on us today, and give our spirits enough openness to receive it so that we can believe to clear fear from our souls.


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