A Prayer for Mother’s Day

Spirit of the living God, come this day and comfort the comfortless and those who mourn because their mother is either deceased or unavailable emotionally, Come to those whose mothers are still alive but who have no relationship with them. Come to those for whom this day shakes up unresolved issues and which thus causes them pain. Come to mothers who are struggling to make ends meet and trying not to let their children know how painful it is for them to see them suffer. Come to mothers who are working two and three jobs and are therefore not able to “be there” for their children in the way they want because they have to work so many jobs just to keep a roof over their heads. Come to mothers who have had to bury their children and who cannot handle their grief. Come to grandmothers who are now having to step into the mother role again because the mother of their grandchildren is not around. And then, God, just please come to the mothers who are in the fray of motherhood every day and who are doing the best they can with what they have. Spirit of the living God, please come.

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