God of Spring

God of spring, come. It is in spring that there is new life, and some of Your children need new life today. They have gotten caught in the winter of their lives and something has convinced them that winter will last forever. The life-giving sun in their lives is hidden behind clouds of pessimism. Remind them, God, that there is light above the clouds; not even the thickest clouds can keep the sun from rising. Remind them that there is sun and thus new life in their lives but that they have to keep lifting their eyes higher and higher in order to keep them from looking down or inward, where there is so little light. Infect Your children with a contagion of hope, especially those who have stopped believing in spring. When they look down, guide the light of Your sun to pull them toward You, as plants lean toward light. Wipe the crust from their eyes which keep them from seeing the whole picture in their situations. God of spring, come.

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