Spirit of the Living God

Spirit of the living God, come. Come today because on this Holy Saturday, a day on which we remember that after being crucified you laid in a tomb, it is a face that many of Your children are in tombs as well. Mothers and families of loved ones slain by police…are in a tomb. People who lost loved ones who were alive last Holy Saturday but who died before this Holy Saturday came and whose grief is still raw are in a tomb. Families of children slain by mass shooters are in a tomb. Poor people who work but who cannot make ends meet are in a tomb. Addicted people who cannot or who have not yet find the way to end their addiction, are in a tomb. People so filled with anger and bitterness that they work to destroy other people are in a tomb. People who walk in and live with fear, are in a tomb. People who no longer dream or hope, are in a tomb. So many of Your children are in a tomb, the stone pushed tightly against the way out from that tomb, and they don’t see a way out or a way up. They are enslaved to their situations. They do not believe that they will or can experience resurrection. Spirit of the Living God, and breathe hope into Your children. Breathe Your Holy Spirit into them so that they believe not only in Your resurrection but in the possibility of their own resurrection as well. 

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