God of Surprises

God of surprises, come. Too many of Your children have forgotten that You turn our mourning into dancing. Too many are burdened by the resistance to justice and mercy and love. Too many of us quietly believe that we do not have the power to change our lives, our situations, or the way governments and institutions interfere with the forming of “a more perfect union.” Too many of us believe the bad news given to us by whoever gives it; too many of us have forgotten that throughout history You have shown up and done what nobody expected You would or could do. And so, God, in this week when we have learned that police officers will not be charged for the death of Alton Sterling, when we are hearing once again that an unarmed black man was shot because officers were “in fear of their lives,’ in this week where we remember the suffering You endured for our sakes, come. In this week where families of slain students, friends and spouses because of mass shootings, and we in this country have yet to understand that to be “pro-life” is not relegated to only being in favor of saving unborn children, come. In this week where too many people are still unemployed, where too many people will die from overdoses, come. In this week where too many people will suffer silently because they are sick and cannot afford health care, come. In this week where someone will not have anything to eat while others are throwing excess food away, come…and surprise someone as only You can. Come, God, because someone is calling out and reaching for a surprise.

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