God of the Women

God of the women, come. Women have been marginalized for generations in this country and in this world and have been, for the most part, silent. Women have been beaten, raped, economically discriminated against, and more, and have always been pushed to the side. For women of color and poor women, it has been even worse. As the women are coming forward, they are being demonized and doubted, called liars and worse, even as the accused men and their friends set themselves up as victims. God, it cannot be Your will that the “isms” in this country and in this world continue unabated. Have those who have oppressed so many people in so many ways for so many decades lost their capacity to see You and to respect those whom they oppress because they respect You? Can they not hear You anymore, or is it the case that they ignore You and what You have commanded about us loving all people? Are they incapable of seeing people as human beings and as objects put here for their pleasure? The president of this nation has shown concern for the man/men accused of sexual and physical abuse but has said little to nothing in support of the real victims, the women. God in Your mercy, hear this prayer. If men – white men, certainly, but men of other races and religions, too – do not lose their erroneous idea that they have the right to oppress women, they will continue and the suffering of women at their hands will continue. This morning we ask for Your presence – with the women, yes, but also with the men who apparently have no regard for You. It is not Your will that any of Your children suffer at the hands of a group of people who think they have the right to oppress others. God of the women, come, and give them continued courage to speak up and speak out, and give them the resolve to stand when so many men and/or this male-dominated world work actively to make them fall down and to “stay in their place.” God, hear our prayer.

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