God Who Opens Hearts

God who opens hearts, come. Some of Your children have closed off their hearts to the possibility of love, fairness, justice and mercy. Life happens to us all, but for some, the knocks, bumps and bruises get worse over time; they do not heal. And so too many of Your children stop believing that they are lovable, they stop believing that life, though not fair, can mete them victories, and have stopped believing that even You grant them mercy. Some of Your children have been so unable to handle life’s fights that they have internalized a feeling of being unworthy of good things. They have lost their strength and even their desire to get up and keep on fighting. We don’t know why life is so hard, but You are always there. You are there for all of us, but some of us have stopped being “there” for You! We mouth words of faith but we cannot live faith. Our hearts are closed. We go to church but too many of us are really going through the motions. We go in feeling battered and we come out still feeling battered. We are, some of us, rather like Hagar who fled into the wilderness from unfairness and could not understand why You had allowed her and her son to suffer so. Hagar’s heart was open just enough, though, to hear you and she had just enough faith to believe what You told her. You are knocking on the doors of our hearts, but some of us are sitting in our own wildernesses, weeping, crying, sad and feeling hopeless. God who opens hearts, come. Help us to mutter words from deep within us which will crack the closed doors of our hearts open so that we can receive life from You.

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