God of the Voiceless

God of the voiceless, come. This morning some of Your children are wallowing in bad situations and feel they cannot say anything. There are children and women who are being sexually and/or physically abused, and who cannot say anything about it to anyone. There are young boys who are likewise being abused and are absorbing their pain and fear. There are immigrants who are living in so much fear that they will not venture out to the grocery store and they just do not trust people enough to say anything about their needs. There are people sitting in churches who do not agree with what their pastors are teaching but know they dare not say anything to that pastor, the church officers or other members. There are people who have serious health issues but don’t have the money to go to a doctor and, though they are getting worse, say nothing. There are disabled people who have gifts to share or stories to tell, but who are totally ignored because of their disability. There are people who are in jobs where they are being taken advantage of – not receiving a living wage, suffering wage theft by being made to work hours for which they are not paid, but again, will not say anything for fear of losing their job. There are people who are being accused of something they did not do and want to protest their innocence but feel like nobody will believe them because they have made mistakes in the past. The voiceless are everywhere. They diminish themselves and their voices because they feel like what they say or feel will not matter or will make their situations worse. God of the voiceless, they need You. Help them receive a word or something that dislodges plugs they have put over their voices and the cover under which they have put their needs. So many of Your children are fighting powers and principalities in their lives, and do not know how to fight and do not believe whatever they might say would make a difference. God of the voiceless, come, please come.

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