God of Spiritual Equilibrium

God of spiritual equilibrium, come. In our world, there are words being said and things being done in Your name which are upsetting people who believe that You are a God of right and of justice. There are people who say they love You who, to many, are desecrating Your name, Your will and Your way. They are using Your name to sanction hatred, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism, sexism, pedophilia and so much more. Your children stand in a space of spiritual unbalance; the words of those who say they are religious are violently opposite to what many believe You represent and you demand. Some wonder where You are; some wonder why You would let people who desecrate you so be in public office, with so much control over the lives of Your children. We want you to make Your presence known, so that the cacophony will stop, so that the manipulation and violation of Your words will stop! We want those who are doing so to be held accountable. Some people say they feel like they are wandering and searching but they don’t know where they are wandering to…but they do know they are searching for relief from their spiritual imbalance. They ask if a good God would allow such defamation of the Holy name? The center of the faith of some is teetering, even as those who desecrate Your words seem ever more arrogant. Your children in this country and all over the world are tired of the people, seemingly led by the president of this country, who are reeking havoc with everything they ever believed in. They are tired of grappling with the fact that this president is turning back the clock and putting policies in place that will adversely affect the masses for generations. They ask where You are! They ask You to intervene, to show Your might and Your power in such a way that the arrogant sit down. The spiritual equilibrium of Your children is off, God. Please, come.

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