God of Late Bloomers

God of late bloomers, come. Too many of us live our young days not knowing what we want, doing what we really do not like to do because we do not know what we want to do. We put ourselves in emotional and spiritual prisons and actually live miserable lives because we do not trust You and the messages You give us as to which road to take. We are afraid to take risks; we are afraid to move away from our safe places and spaces. We believe, as young people do, that life will last forever. We believe that “old” is far off, when it really is nearer and nearer to us every day. Some of us never wake up, but God, there are some who do. Long after everyone thought they would rise up and “become,” they finally do in fact blossom. They become the roses you created them to be. They are surprised at who they are and what they love to do. God of late bloomers, come. Nudge someone this moment. Push away the fear has kept them captive for too long. Help them to jump off into the unknown and not care, not worry about how they will make it. Remind them that You are the God of impossibilities. You honor those who honor You. Remind them, or teach them if they do not already know, that if we honor You, You will honor us. Help us to honor You by saying “yes” to the seed that is within all of us. You are waiting for us to say “yes.” You are waiting for us to be overjoyed by being surprised by You. God of late bloomers, come, please.

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