God of Families

God of families, come. In this season of the year families come together and celebrate, but many people do not have families or do not celebrate with their families for one reason or another. Some people are prohibited from going “home” because of their beliefs. For some, “family” has been lost due to some tragedy. Some families do not come together because they are feuding and have been feuding for years. Some families have been altered because of expected or sudden death; other families have been altered because a member is now suffering from a debilitating or maybe terminal disease. This season brings some families together but for others, it heightens their estrangements from their family and those situations which cause pain and suffering. God, help us to see each other and become “family” when we need to. Help us to have eyes that see and hearts that care so that maybe someone who would be totally alone this holiday season can feel the warmth of You by being adopted by a family which makes room for them. Help us to treasure our families, if they are OK, and to remember that we are blessed to have a family with which to spend special days or difficult moments. We take family for granted too often. We take laughter and sharing, even healthy arguing – for granted. Help us to stop that, because in this season where attention to family is accentuated, many are sitting in places of deep loneliness. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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