God of Families Dealing with Childhood Illnesses

God of families dealing with childhood illnesses, come. This morning, come to those parents, those families, who are dealing with a child (or children) who are very, very sick, some needing surgery, some having had surgery and not doing well. It is hard to see little ones struggle with any illness but especially serious, life-threatening illness. It is difficult for the children and it is difficult for the parents who try to “be strong” for those children. It is difficult when you can afford the care needed and more difficult when you cannot afford the care. There are parents this morning who are tired and despondent and depressed but who are trying to hold on for the sake of the sick child (children) and for the rest of the family. Their lives are topsy-turvy. They didn’t count on having to deal with serious illness, especially of a child. God, come. Your presence comes when we make room for You, or maybe it’s more accurate to say we feel Your presence which is always there when we make room for You. Sometimes we can only feel that presence when we break down, when we rail out at you, express our anger and fear and doubt …and then allow ourselves to crumble, if even for a few minutes. You come to us when we crumble because at that moment, we do not have the strength to push You away. We get strength from You when we crumble. We are able to take one more breath, take one more step, give one more hug, because we have been hugged by You. God, rest Your spirit on the little ones who are suffering, but rest Your spirit on the parents and other family members who are trying to hold themselves and their families together during their very hard times.

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