God of Encouragement

God of encouragement, come. Someone needs encouragement now because of life happening. Life happening is often glorious, but it is often troubling. We think we are doing all right and then we get whammed by life. Illness, financial issues, relationship issues – they come, unwanted and uninvited. One day a person can be OK and the next, be struggling with a troubling and scary diagnosis. It is amazing, how quickly the tide can turn, and there we are, sitting in the middle of a mess, unable to effectively cope without plunging into some level of despair. God, come. Remind us that “trouble don’t last” forever. Remind us that every mountain before us is meant for us to climb, no matter how long it takes. Remind us that falling down is a part of being able to stand more erectly. Remind us that those who knock us down are not the boss of us and are not greater than is You. Remind us, God, that even though we feel sometimes like all is lost that sometimes it is in those moments that the “next page” of our lives is beginning. Encourage someone tonight, God. No matter what they are going through, encourage them. Your presence, your smile, your promise of presence even when we cannot see You, is worth its weight in gold. God of encouragement, come.

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