God of a World on the Brink of War

God of a world on the brink of war, come. Many of us believe that You created this world and everything in it, and even those who do not believe in You realize that what we are, and what we have on this earth, did not come from human beings. We have always felt fairly comfortable with destroying what You created. We hurt and kill each other; we hurt and kill the animals You created; we have done much to contaminate the waterways You have created and the very air we breathe. Now, we have a leader here, and there are other leaders in other countries, who are an intent of plunging this world into war. These leaders do not look to You or lean on You or depend on You for guidance; their own voices are their gods. The coming war will be physical; millions of people will die and millions more will be left behind and will be forever suffering from the damage of war – but these leaders and their followers do not care. These leaders seem intent on practicing genocide. Some of us are afraid. Some of us are angry. Some of us are confused…but all of us need You. Your presence, which gives comfort and strength in times of trouble, is so needed right now. Racism and sexism are running rampant. The arrogance of racism and sexism is running and directing those who believe in those belief sets. People who say they love You are supporting those who hate and who encourage others to hate. With hate in control, this world will suffer. Some say that You sent the leaders who are in place to “do over” You world, like You sent the Babylonians to crush the Israelites, according to the Bible we read. Will we be sitting at a metaphorical River of Babylon, remembering when the world seemed safe? God, in your mercy. Your world is on the brink of war.

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